Big Data Analytics for Commercial Real Estate



What We Do


We help search for commercial real estate properties that fit tenant or investor business criteria.


We collect, analyze and visualize multiple data points important to evaluation of commercial properties. 


We help rank and compare properties side by side to streamline the selection process. 




Special Sauce

Utilize new data sources

We aggregate and analyze data from a variety of new data sources which allows us to provide an extremely comprehensive view of each opportunity.

Focus on predictive signals

Our team developed a variety of sophisticated proprietary algorithms focusing on uncovering a predictive insight in the data, not just a static analysis of the status quo. 

Extreme granularity

We analyze data about each location and property block by block – this level of granularity has never been possible before. 


Use Cases


Spacequant helps tenants pick most suitable real estate option for their business.

Real Estate Investors

Spacequant helps real estate investors find and evaluate available investment opportunities in minutes instead of months. 

Real Estate Brokers

Spacequant helps commercial real estate brokers find the best tenants or investors for their clients’ properties. 

Business Lenders

Spacequant provides real estate lenders with an independent risk assessment of new transactions or existing portfolios. 


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