Mortgage Bankers Association selected Spacequant to present its automation technology at its Accounting and Financial Management conference on Nov 12-14 in Orlando, FL. Spacequant is an automation platform helping lenders, mortgage brokers and servicers extract, standardize and analyze property data from rent rolls, operating statements, appraisal reports - in minutes. Spacequant powerful technology can work with any type of documents, from images to excel, and in any format, from outputs of property management systems to screenshots of a Powerpoint deck. Average time to extract and standardize data from a rent roll or operating statement, and create comprehensive analytical charts and write-ups, is 5 min with Spacequant, regardless of the type and size of the original document. Equally important, every extracted data point is saved in a big-data location database and connected with hundreds of other property and location metrics aggregated from multiple third-party sources, which enables our customers to take their risk assessment, predictive analytics and portfolio management to a completely new level. Mortgage Bankers Association is the leading national trade association for the mortgage industry. 18245_Tech18_PPT_Slide