The only way to solve all of our customers’ needs is to embrace Joy’s law and develop an open ecosystem of partners and collaborators.
Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics explores the role of Moore’s law and Joy’s law in the rapidly evolving fintech space.

Moody’s Analytics discusses its partnership with Spacequant to develop a new model in the commercial real estate space as part of the growing trend of partnerships between large, established industry players and innovative fintech startups.

“The only way to solve all of our customers’ needs is to embrace Joy’s law and develop an open ecosystem of partners and collaborators.”


Spacequant joins BNP Paribas at VivaTech 2017

BNP Paribas invited Spacequant team to join BNP Paribas’ booth at the VivaTech 2017 in Paris. SQ is proud to be part of this inspiring and fun event!

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By Andre Bourque

Over 1,600 representatives of financial institutions, investors, industry analysts and reporters convened at the Spring 2017 Finovate Conference on April 26 in San Jose. With events in Asia, Europe, and the East and West Coasts, Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.

Here’s a look at 20 impressive companies I met at this year’s conference.

Spacequant to join BNP Paribas Lab at VivaTech on 15-17 June in Paris!


BNP Paribas invited Spacequant to join its Lab “Financial Services and Insurance” at Vivatech on 15-17 June 2017 in Paris. The idea of the Lab is to initiate conversations with key stakeholders of the Partner-Sponsored Lab in order to assess feasibility of future collaboration. Vivatech helps startups engage with corporations to come up with business solutions that will change tomorrow’s business and society


Spacequant Presents at Finovate Spring 2017!


Spacequant was selected to demonstrate its powerful technology to over 1,600 representatives of financial institutions, investors, press and industry analysts at the Spring 2017 Finovate conference on 26 April in San Jose. Finovate is the demo-focused conference series showcasing cutting-edge banking and financial technologies.

Spacequant presented its SQ Mortgage solution, which automates multiple manual tasks involved in commercial property underwriting and enables financial institutions to assess value and risk of small-balance commercial real estate properties in minutes.

Top financial institutions expressed extremely strong interest in the Spacequant solution and we look forward to establishing new partnerships.

Spacequant wins BNP Paribas Startup Competition in San Francisco

Spacequant wins BNP Paribas Hackathon

During the 48-hour competition, Spacequant was selected as a winning team and will move on to a Digital Bootcamp where we will work with Bank of the West and BNP Paribas to take our concept to the next level: financial support and access to a customised support program, including access to BNP Paribas international network of experts and mentors.